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Protect your tooth with root canal therapy!

Do you have a persistent, throbbing toothache? If you can’t see a reason for the hurt, the cause may be due to a tooth infection. This can develop when the natural bacteria that reside in the mouth work their way into the tooth and begin to damage it from the inside out. The pain occurs when the germs reach the interior nerve (also known as the pulp) of the tooth. The nerve will begin hurting, which alerts your body that something is wrong. Unfortunately, these bacteria cannot simply be brushed away, and the only option to save your tooth is to experience root canal therapy.

One of our talented dentists at Florida Smiles Dental can restore your tooth with root canal therapy. We’ll apply a localized anesthetic to effectively numb the area before starting the work. During this procedure, we’ll go into the tooth to cleanse the harmful germs from the area, remove any decayed portions, and may even apply a little antibiotic ointment. Then, your tooth will be filled with a root canal filling to maintain the stability of the enamel. To complete the root canal therapy, your dentist may decide that it would be best to protect your tooth root from further damage with a realistic-looking crown that can cap off the open area. This prevents the bacteria from reentering the tooth as well as strengthens its overall structure.

If you don’t turn to Florida Smiles Dental during your time of need, the infection can progress. Not only are your other teeth at risk for contamination then, but you’re allowing the bacteria to continue to destroy the affected tooth. When a tooth infection is left to its own devices, you can end up losing the tooth altogether. Protect your smile with root canal therapy from the trusted dentists of Florida Smiles Dental today! We try to see patients as soon as possible for root canals.

Nobody wants to live in pain. Please contact us today to be seen for a root canal therapy appointment to alleviate your discomfort. The dentists at Florida Smiles Dental see patients from all over Florida to heal them with root canal therapy, including those from Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, and Weston. In addition to root canal therapy, our team can provide many different restorative dentistry procedures for your needs. Feel free to ask about these treatments when you call us!

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