11 Reasons for Family Dentist in Fort Lauderdale


While it is important to schedule bi-annual visits to your family dentist for cleanings, it is equally important to pay attention to signs of pain, discomfort or unusual changes in the appearance of your teeth. With a trusted family dentist nearby, you can practice even better preventative dental care when symptoms arise.

What are the main signs and symptoms signaling the need for complete family dentistry in Fort Lauderdale?

1) If you have swelling and/or pain in your mouth, visit your family dental care clinic in Fort Lauderdale.

If you are experiencing persistent swelling or pain in your gums or teeth, this is often an important clue that something is not right. Think about it: lingering pain in your mouth is not normal, nor should it become something you have to live with. The pain may disappear for awhile, but this doesn’t mean the core problem is gone. A visit to your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale will allow them to check for signs of infection or gum disease and catch it in its early stages.

2) You may want to schedule time for family dental care if you have problems with your gums.

Often our teeth are the main focus of attention, but, our gums need just as much care to keep them healthy. Make an appointment with your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale if you notice any of these gum symptoms, which can be checked for plaque formation and signs of gum disease:

  • Receding gumlines
  • Odor or pus
  • Spongy, swollen texture
  • Puffy appearance or inflammation
  • Normally pink gums have bluish-red discoloration

3) White spots on your teeth are clear indicators you need to see your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale.

The appearance of white spots is an indication of early-stage tooth decay. Catching it quickly allows your family dentist to intervene and halt the process of decay, potentially before a cavity has fully formed.

4) Complete family dentistry is an irreplaceable necessity if your previous dental work is giving you problems.

Even the sturdiest of dental care – fillings, implants, crowns – is not guaranteed to last forever. Given everything we chew, fixtures can be loosened in our mouths. If you feel any of your dental work loosening, crooked or out of place, schedule an appointment with your family dentist to address the problem quickly and prevent further complications.

5) Schedule family dental care if your mouth has changed in texture and/or color.

A change of texture in your mouth can be lumps appearing out of the blue, whereas a change in your mouth’s coloration can be the sudden and persistent appearance of red or white patches.

6) If one or more of your teeth feel extra sensitive to hot or cold, visit your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale.

Decay moves through a tooth from the outside enamel to the center; bringing with it new sensitivities either to foods or temperatures. However, sensitivity may not always be a sign of decay. It may direct your family dentist to a different problem, such as grinding your teeth or a filling needing maintenance.

7) Treating persistent bad breath requires complete family dentistry care.

Practicing proper oral hygiene – brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing – is your first line of defense against bad breath. But, sometimes this isn’t enough and the persistence of bad breath may signal a larger problem. Whether it’s a symptom of a larger problem, however, or a personal challenge, a visit to your family dentist will offer you personalized feedback to address the issue.

8) See your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale if you experience difficulty chewing or swallowing.

This is never a normal symptom. If you experience this, schedule a visit with your family dentist and switch your diet to liquid or soft foods until you’re able to be seen, to prevent further aggravation of the problem in the meantime.

9) Family dental care addresses jaw problems.

It may seem like just an annoyance if closing your jaw is painful, you have an uneven bite or you experience popping in your jaw when you chew. These symptoms can become serious issues if left untreated. Make it a priority to see your family dentist who can help address the issue and refer you on to an orthodontist if necessary.

10) Lingering sores need attention from your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale.

All of us get sores in our mouths from time to time from biting the insides of our mouths or eating a fruit that disagrees with us. However, sores lasting longer than a week may need the attention of your family dentist. Lingering cold sores, canker sores, candidiasis or leukoplakia are examples of sores potentially pointing to a more serious problem.

11) Preventative visits to your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale are important.

Personal health encompasses many aspects and oral health is just as important as other bodily issues. If a problem occurred persistently in another area of your body, you would likely not let it continue without seeking treatment. Your mouth is deserving of the same attentive care. Establishing a relationship with a good family dentist is essential to preventative care, helping to ease anxiety when issues arise and enabling you to receive professional attention and feedback before issues develop further.

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