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Deerfield beach dentist back teeth cavitiesPatients sometimes ask our Deerfield Beach dentist why their back teeth get cavities more often than their front teeth. In truth, all teeth are susceptible to cavities, but certain factors can increase the likelihood of cavities in your back teeth. Our experienced dentist explains why this happens and what you can do to protect your teeth better.

The Cause of Cavities in Your Back Teeth, According to Our Deerfield Beach Dentist

Reason #1 – Inconsistent Brushing Technique

When you brush your teeth, it’s important to give careful attention to those teeth at the very back of your mouth. Sometimes people do a great job brushing their front and middle teeth, but they only give those far reaching teeth a quick once over, if even that much. Over time, the food and tartar left behind on your neglected teeth can build up and cause problems like cavities and gum disease.

Reason #2 – Grooves & Ridges

All you need to do is look in a mirror to see that your front and back teeth are shaped differently. The wide surface on the top of a back tooth assists you when you chew your food… but that surface is covered with grooves and ridges that can easily capture food and drink particles. If those grooves aren’t meticulously cleaned when you brush and floss, then this can also lead to problems with decay.

To combat the risk caused by the shape of your teeth, you can do two different things. First, brush brush brush, giving careful attention to the top of your back teeth. Second, ask your Deerfield Beach dentist whether sealants would be a good option for yourself or your child. A sealant is a material placed into the grooves on an at-risk back tooth. It helps to keep food and tartar from getting trapped, and in this way makes your brushing routine easier to manage.

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