Fort lauderdale florida fl dentist for gum disease treatmentDr. Scerbo and the dental team at Florida Smiles Dental in Ft. Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point, Florida (FL) can help treat your gum disease. There are many causes for gum disease. Excessive sugar in the diet, poor brushing or flossing habits, smoking, or piercings can lead to deterioration of the gums, allowing bad bacteria and food particles access to the root of the tooth causing more damage. If caught early, gum disease can be managed and Florida Smiles Dental can establish a plan for eradicating it.

Some mouths are prone to gum disease or deterioration due to certain ligaments being tighter, shorter, or looser than they should be in an ideal mouth. Regardless of good dental habits or optimal diet, certain mouths simply need routine gum treatment.

Periodontal scaling procedures include the removal of plaque, calculus and stain from the crown and root surfaces of teeth, whereas root planing is a specific treatment that removes the roughened cementum and surface dentin that is impregnated with calculus, microorganisms and their toxins. Scaling and root planing are often referred to as deep cleaning, and may be performed using ultrasonic instruments and hard instruments, such as periodontal scalers and curettes. We medicate after root planing and scaling to help treat any infection.

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LANAP Treatment

Dr. Peter Scerbo is Ft. Lauderdale & Lighthouse Point, FL’s top-rated dentist with the most advanced technologies for laser gum therapy (LANAP) for the treatment of gum disease.

Why do so many millions of people a year avoid having their gum disease treated? Gum disease which left unchecked could lead to a number of complications down the road. Well historically it has not been one of the most pleasant of procedures. Dr. Scerbo again gives you options, and one of those is laser surgery known as LANAP.

A 90% reduction in inflammation, and a non-invasive, comfortable experience while the technology targets and eliminates bacteria on contact. In contrast to the old scalpel, this laser technology leaves the healthy tissue untouched. On top of this, the laser approach promotes jaw bone growth, giving teeth ready-to-go under the pillow or to be extracted a second chance to function.

What Are Some Benefits Of Laser Dentistry For Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Increased Accuracy
  • More Predictable Outcome
  • Minimal Discomfort with no incisions or sutures
  • 90% reduction of inflammation
  • Fastest recovery time available – 24 hours
  • Low risk of infection

Fort lauderdale florida fl dentist for gum disease treatmentDr. Scerbo, with the trailblazing LANAP method is bringing patients to a safer future with as painless an option in treating gum disease that has ever been offered. Call us today to learn more about how to treat your gum disease with laser gum therapy at Florida Smiles Dental.