Dental Exams & Oral Cancer Screenings

At Florida Smiles Dental, your routine dental exam with either our Fort Lauderdale family dentist or Lighthouse Point family dentist includes an OralID cancer screening. It is important that when checking for cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease, that your dentist is also checking for less obvious signs of irregularities in the mouth. The cancer screening is simple, quick, and painless – and it is included in your Florida Smiles Dental Exam!

Preventative Teeth Cleanings
Preventative dental care deals with the preservation of healthy teeth and gums, and the prevention of dental caries and oral disease. Florida Smiles Dental specializes in preventative dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings. Florida Smiles Dental follows the ADA recommendations, which recommends you visit a dentist every six months for a professional teeth cleaning (prophylaxis), fluoride treatment, periodontal evaluation, and oral cancer screening. Dental x-rays should be taken when needed.

Dental Crowns
If you have a cavity that has resulted in extensive tooth decay or chipped a tooth beyond repair, your tooth may require a dental crown. Much like a crown that sits on the head of royalty, a dental crown sits on top of a tooth that is almost no longer salvageable. Dr. Scerbo takes an impression for a dental crown, making necessary modifications for a complete tooth, salvages as much of your existing tooth as he can, and places the dental crown over your salvaged tooth.

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth are the third molars that begin to appear in late adulthood. When these teeth are in their proper place, all is well. But often times, wisdom teeth can become painful when they crowd other teeth, and can lead to other problems. At Florida Smiles Dental we never want you or your child to be in pain. We often recommend oral surgery for wisdom tooth extraction to alleviate the discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth, and to ensure that all the rest of the teeth come in straight. Regular monitoring of the wisdom teeth can keep you or your child from requiring further dental corrections later in life.

Root Canal
If an infection or tooth decay reaches the root of your tooth, you are likely to experience pain as a result. Additionally, a root canal will need to be performed to salvage the tooth. Although the tooth will be dead, the root will be filled with a composite filling and a crown will be placed over the salvaged tooth to retain functionality and bite. Florida Smiles Dental is equipped to perform root canals, so you don’t have to worry about being referred to another dentist in Fort Lauderdale or another dentist in Lighthouse Point, Florida that specializes in root canals.