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Dentist in coral springs fl dental phobiaDo you suffer from chest tightening, sweating palms, or shortness of breath at the thought of visiting a dentist in Coral Springs, FL? With nearly one in three Americans struggling with dental phobia, you’re certainly not alone. Of course, knowing you’re not alone doesn’t help you when it’s time to have your teeth cleaned.

There is one benefit to not being alone, though. It means dentists understand the importance of putting their patients at ease. Our own dentist at Florida Smiles Dental has helped numerous patients to work through their dental phobia in order to maintain the health of their teeth and gums. Here are some of the tips we give our own patients. Hopefully, with some of these ideas, you can discover your own sense of peace in the dentist chair.

Why Are You Afraid of Your Dentist in Coral Springs, FL?

The first question to ask yourself is: What causes your anxiety? By identifying the root cause of your fear, you can begin to uncover ways to beat it. Our dentist shares the three most frequent reasons cited by anxious patients, as well as some ways to reduce their stress.

Reason #1 – The Sound of the Dental Office

Let’s be honest – the sound of a dentist’s tools can be jarring. Some patients find that these sounds increase their heart rate and cause a sense of stress. Our Coral Springs dentist recommends that you bring some headphones and music to your appointment. Some patients find that some classical piano does the trick for them, while others opt for white noise like the sound of an ocean. With the white noise option, you don’t risk hearing unwanted sounds in between songs!

Reason #2 – Fear of Pain

Being afraid of pain is a completely understandable response to dental care, and Hollywood’s portrayal of dentists over the years hasn’t exactly earned our profession a great reputation for pain management.

Hollywood is wrong, though, especially in recent years! By and large, dentists are caring doctors who want to stop your pain, not increase it. And more importantly, the advancements in modern dental treatment has provided incredible ways to undergo treatment without feeling any discomfort at all!

If fear of pain is keeping you from your dentist in Coral Springs, FL, then you should tell him or her how you feel. Ask about needle-free numbing gel for your gums during your regular cleaning, for example. Chances are great that your dentist will have this option as well as other suggestions for putting you at ease.

Reason #3 – Fear of the Unknown

Some patients skip seeing the dentist BECAUSE they think something might be wrong, and they’re afraid of the cost or discomfort of having their problem treated. If this is the case for you, it’s important to remember a few key things…

  1. Putting a problem off is only going to make it worse – more difficult and more expensive to treat later.
  2. By visiting your dentist sooner, you may actually discover that you’re in better health than you thought!
  3. Even if your Coral Springs dentist does discover a problem, you’re not going to be thrown into treatment immediately and against your will. You can take the time to speak with your dentist about your fears and find a solution that works for you.

Relax with Our Dentist in Coral Springs, FL

At Florida Smiles Dental, our team wants every patient to be completely comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors. We invite you to give us a call and find out for yourself how relaxing a dental visit can actually be! Call us at 954.906.7891 to learn more.

The information in this article is meant for educational purposes only and should not be used as medical advice. If you would like to know more about this and other topics related to dentistry, feel free to call Florida Smiles Dental, with a convenient dental office near Coral Springs, FL, by calling 954.906.7891 or clicking here.



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