Fort Lauderdale Fl Dentist How to Choose Dental Floss


Fort Lauderdale Fl Dentist How to Choose Dental FlossIf choosing between expensive floss options in the dental hygiene aisle overwhelms you, the good news is that you cannot make a bad choice. Our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist emphasizes that routinely flossing with any type  of floss is significantly better than going without. Still, some floss may be preferable to you, your teeth, and your lifestyle. Finding a floss you prefer may help ensure you stick to daily flossing habits. That, in turn, will protect your smile from gum disease, cavities, and gingivitis.

Our Fort Lauderdale FL Dentist Suggests the Perfect Floss for You

Whatever your dental situation, our dentist in Fort Lauderdale has suggestions on the best dental floss for you! Keep reading to learn more…

More space between your teeth?

Consider using a thicker floss, such as dental tape or super floss. Thicker flosses are designed to increase the surface area of direct contact with the teeth, scrubbing off more plaque.

Less space between your teeth?

A thinner, waxed floss is easiest to use between tight spaces. The wax provides additional glide between interdental spaces.

Variable space between your teeth?

If you have both larger and smaller spaces between your teeth, a woven or super floss will best suit you as the floss expands and contracts, according to the tension you apply.

Braces? Bridges? Crowns?

There is no “bad” floss choice when cleaning around dental appliances, according to our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist, but some floss may have added benefits or simplify the process. Any floss paired with a floss threader can make the process of navigating metal ware such as braces less tedious. Waxed floss is also recommended, as it is less likely to tangle or snap.

If flossing around braces, bridges, crowns, or implants seems to be too much of a fuss, consider a water flosser instead. Rather than thread, water flossers use bursts of water to flush plaque from nooks and crannies.

Our Fort Lauderdale FL Dentist Considers These Factors When Flossing

What’s the Best Floss for Children or Adults?

Electric flossers are often popular among both older and younger patients. Older patients often find electric flossers provide more control and allow them to easily reach difficult spots without the hassle of wrapping a thread.

On the other hand, older children tend to consider electric flossers a more fun process than traditional flossing. Children and teens who are already accustomed to an electric toothbrush have an especially easy time adapting to this tool.

How Can You Make Flossing Easier?

Floss picks are a convenient option if you are looking to floss with fewer steps. Picks allow for easier access in hard-to-reach places, but sometimes the angle which you can clean from is limited. For those flossing the teeth of children, this option may be most friendly.

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to dentistry, feel free to contact Florida Smiles Dental, with a convenient dental office location near Fort Lauderdale FL, by clicking here or by calling 954.906.7891.



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