Dentist, Seth GilsonDr. Seth Gilson was born and raised in South Florida. He graduated with a degree in biology from the University of Florida and completed dental school at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Gilson has been an avid sports and health enthusiast since his youth and played soccer in both South Florida and New York at the collegiate and professional levels.

Dr. Gilson has experience in multiple areas of medicine and was part of a trauma research team at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida whose research was published in the European Journal of Trauma. Dr. Gilson began practicing dentistry in private practice in South Florida in 2011. He has a strong “patient first” mentality, truly cares, and listens to each of his patients. Dr. Gilson sees every patient and client as an individual and considers not only their oral health, but overall health, nutrition, and environments when consulting, diagnosing, treating, and coaching his patients and clients. Dr. Gilson is regularly studying and expanding his knowledge and awareness of mindful living practices.

Dr. Gilson is looking forward to meeting you!