Ft Lauderdale Fl Dentist Importance of Xrays


Why Are Dental X-Rays Necessary? Our Fort Lauderdale FL Dentist Explains Their Role

Ft Lauderdale Fl Dentist Importance of XraysDental x-rays help our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist identify areas of decay in your teeth that may not be visible with a regular oral exam. For example, commonly “hidden” pockets of decay are often discovered beneath existing fillings, or in between teeth. Our Fort Lauderdale dentist also uses dental x-rays to show undetected bone loss, which may be a sign of gum disease. This use of x-rays to detect early-stage dental problems is the key to the most comfortable and cost-effective treatment.

Our Fort Lauderdale FL Dentist Recommends X-Rays for New Patients

Our dentist in Fort Lauderdale suggests that all new patients undergo x-rays in order to provide their most updated oral health profiles. Using x-rays to obtain this important baseline also helps to compare and contrast any significant changes that may occur later, such as gum disease or new cavities. Our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist also recommends that new patients obtain copies of any prior dental x-rays, in order to develop the most complete patient record possible.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x-ray exams are safe, despite a very small amount of radiation exposure. Our dentist in Fort Lauderdale assures patients that technological advances in dental x-ray tools and techniques keep the risk of any harmful effects of radiation extremely low. In fact, the most routine dental x-ray exam exposes patients to the same amount of radiation that they might get from the sun on a daily basis, or even from a short airplane flight.

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How Often Do You Really Need a Dental X-Ray?

According to our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist, the frequency of dental x-rays is not necessarily the same for every patient, and it depends on factors such as the state of your oral health. People with poor dental hygiene are often at a higher risk for developing cavities and related conditions, and therefore they may require more frequent x-rays for proper diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. On the other hand, some Fort Lauderdale dentists suggest that patients who have little or no history of dental disease or tooth decay may not need to undergo annual x-rays. Ultimately, you should speak with your dentist to find out what the best frequency of x-rays should be for your individual needs.

Talk to your Fort Lauderdale FL dentist at your next checkup about how often you should have x-rays taken. Here’s to a happy, healthy mouth!

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