Hallandale Beach Fl Dentist Good and Bad Ways to Floss Teeth


Hallandale Beach Fl Dentist Good and Bad Ways to Floss TeethIf you only brush your teeth and skip flossing, then you are missing thirty percent of each tooth’s surface, according to our five-star-rated Hallandale Beach FL dentist. Flossing regularly is key for ensuring that plaque doesn’t build up in unreached areas. Equally important is how you do it – if you floss improperly, you won’t get the full benefit of what dental floss can do. There are good and bad ways to floss your teeth, and our Hallandale Beach dentist has some suggestions to help make sure that you’re doing it the right way!

How To Floss The Right Way, According To Our Hallandale Beach FL Dentist

The floss you use should be about eighteen inches long, or roughly the length of the distance from your fingertips to your elbow. Wrap the floss around your index and middle fingers on both hands, leaving about two inches between your hands.

Now that you’re handling the floss properly, slide it between two teeth, then wrap it around one of the teeth into a ‘C’ shape around the base and gently slide it under the gum line. Floss the tooth two to three times from base to tip. Our Hallandale Beach dentist explains that flossing is about more than just removing food particles; you need to be removing plaque as well. Never force the floss, though, since you could end up hurting your gum tissue.

While the floss is between two teeth, make sure you floss the sides of both of them. Use a new section of the 18-inch piece of floss for each tooth, so you end up removing food remnants and plaque altogether instead of just relocating them. To remove floss from between a pair of teeth, use the same back-and-forth motion to bring the floss up and away from the teeth before starting again at the next pair of teeth.

After you’re finished, our Hallandale Beach FL dentist recommends that you brush your teeth carefully and thoroughly. It’s better to floss before you brush, since you loosen food particles that a brush can more completely remove. It’s also best to floss at night, so your teeth are cleaner before bedtime and food particles are less able to attract bacteria overnight.

The Wrong Way To Floss, According To Our Hallandale Beach FL Dentist

Those are some ways to make sure you floss properly, but there are plenty of ways you can also floss improperly. Once of these is not flossing often enough. You really need to floss daily to prevent tartar build-up on your teeth, so make sure to include it as part of your daily dental hygiene routine.

Another issue that some people have with flossing is not applying enough pressure. Make sure you press firmly against each tooth for maximum impact. Just touching or gliding against a tooth won’t be effective enough in removing food particles or plaque. It’s possible that gums can bleed sometimes, especially if you don’t floss regularly, but that’s generally a temporary effect.

Make sure you devote enough time to flossing. A quick snap of the floss through your mouth won’t get the job done. It should take about two minutes overall for decent results from flossing. Add in the two to three minutes required for brushing, and it takes about five minutes a night – every night – to ensure you have a strong set of teeth that can last you a lifetime.

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to dentistry, feel free to contact Florida Smiles Dental, with a convenient dental office near Hallandale Beach FL, by clicking hereor by calling 954.906.7891.



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