Hollywood Fl Dentist Fun Teeth Brushing for Children


Hollywood Fl Dentist Fun Teeth Brushing for ChildrenJust because brushing teeth is necessary does not mean it must be a chore—especially when brushing with your child! Our Hollywood FL dentist knows that making the brushing routine fun will not only allow your little one to enjoy the process more, but hopefully also make brushing easier for you as well! Instead of having to corral your child into brushing habits, try these tips to make the routine more enjoyable for the both of you!

Fun Toothbrushes & Toothpaste Recommended by Our Hollywood FL Dentist

#1 – Let Your Child Customize the Experience

Once your baby’s teeth arrive, it’s important to start taking care of these placeholders for adult teeth! Purchasing a brush with a small head and soft bristles is a great start. Fluoride-free “training” toothpaste is ideal for youngsters who might want to swallow the paste while brushing.

When your child is 3-years-old, our Hollywood dentist says a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste can be used. Fun flavors like bubblegum toothpaste are kid-friendly, and some brands even have sparkles in their toothpaste flavors marketed to children!

You know your child’s interests and could certainly choose a toothbrush you think they would enjoy; but, especially as they grow a little older, allowing your child to choose what color or character they would like on their brush may increase a sense of responsibility and autonomy. Around age 6, most children begin to grasp the notion that toothpaste is not to be swallowed, and allowing your child to begin brushing independently can increase their confidence in being a big kid!

#2 – Brush Your Teeth with Your Child

Brushing your own teeth with your child is awesome on two accounts. For one, our Hollywood FL dentist points out that your child will learn from observation how long she should be brushing and how to properly do so. Secondly, getting to do something with Mom or Dad is exciting!

Brushing teeth may seem like a mundane activity, but bonding comes in all shapes and sizes. Make it even more fun by making silly faces in the mirror at one another. Giggling while brushing may take a few extra minutes, but it will make brushing teeth something to look forward to!

Our Hollywood FL Dentist Suggests Creating a Reward System

#3 – Create A Sticker Chart

A simple sticker or star chart placed up in the bathroom for every time your child brushes can be a great reward system! You and your child can set goals and rewards each time they reach a certain number of stars. Maybe a week’s worth of stars earns your child a treat! Again, brushing teeth can be a fun way to teach both oral hygiene and responsibility.

If you have tips on how to make brushing teeth with your child fun, feel free to share them with our dentist in Hollywood FL, and have fun brushing with your little one in the meantime!

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