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North Miami Beach Fl Dentist Awesome Animal TeethBesides regularly visiting our North Miami Beach FL dentist for the best possible oral care for your 32 human teeth, you also have a dizzying array of options for toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, fluoride rinses —and the list goes on. Most other animals besides humans, however, take care of their teeth just fine on their own. Keep reading to learn about some amazing teeth in the animal kingdom!

Our North Miami Beach FL Dentist Has 3 Examples of Teeth to Admire (and Envy!)

#1 – Giraffe Teeth Are Pretty Groovy

Giraffes have 32 teeth just like humans do, but most of theirs are located in the back of their mouths. Giraffes aren’t concerned about their smiles – just their ability to reach the tastiest morsels from the tallest trees. Unlike us humans, they don’t seem to mind not having an entire row of front teeth. Instead, the giraffe’s amazing 20-inch long tongue reaches out to grab plants and then efficiently pushes the food towards their back-grinding teeth. Our North Miami Beach FL dentist doesn’t mind the giraffe’s big gap of missing front teeth either, because it means that you can feed a giraffe without being bitten.

#2 – Check Out Snail Teeth, Too! Limpet Implants, Anyone?

Lucky snails – they don’t have to worry about losing teeth – they have thousands of them! A garden snail has about 14,000 teeth, but other snail species can have as many as 20,000. Our team at our North Miami Beach dental office is fascinated to learn that scientists only recently uncovered the most amazing fact about snails; the aquatic snail, or limpet, have teeth made out of the strongest biological material ever discovered. The limpet’s teeth are 100 times thinner than a single human hair, but they are still stronger than titanium and five times stronger than spider silk.

#3 – The Shark’s Ability to Keep Growing – Teeth, That Is!

As our North Miami Beach FL dentist well knows, humans only have two sets of teeth to last a lifetime – our baby and adult teeth. Unfortunately, once we lose a tooth to injury or decay, we have to find an artificial replacement. If only we could grow new ones, like sharks can! According to our North Miami Beach dentist, sharks continue to grow and shed teeth throughout their entire lifespan. In fact, sharks can go through as many as 35,000 teeth. Of course, unlike humans, who only use their teeth to break down food, sharks need all those teeth to hunt, attack, and defend themselves for survival. Still, our dentist in North Miami Beach thinks the ability to regenerate teeth is pretty cool!

Contact Our North Miami Beach FL Dentist to Help Care for Your Own Amazing Teeth

Our expert North Miami Beach FL dentist and dental team can’t promise limpet implants, but we use the latest innovative technology to clean and maintain thousands of human teeth every day! Give our dental office a call today for an appointment.

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