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Options For Replacing a Missing Tooth

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Florida Smiles Dental
Options For Replacing a Missing ToothThe smile appearance of individual changes whenever there is a missing tooth. You could be having a missing tooth due to some factors like, tooth decay, gum disease, genetic condition or injury. Irrespective of the cause of your missing tooth, it can result in various issues such as headaches and realigning of teeth. Hence, it is good if you get the gap caused by missing teeth dealt with before things start getting out of hand. Below are several ways to replace your missing tooth.

Dental Implants For Tooth Replacement

Dental I plants are popularly used by most dentists to solve their patient's missing teeth issues. The implants are more like natural teeth and offer patients a look that looks more natural. In case you want to have a replacement for one missing tooth or many, there is always a great permanent solution meant for you. You are only asked to take care well and maintain the dental implants for you to get all the benefits they come with.

Implant-Supported Bridge For Replacement of a Tooth

If you have many teeth missing, the best solution would be an implant-supported bridge. Having dental implants along for this type of replacement is an unnecessary and lengthy process. However, for the supported bridge, the teeth, usually at both ends, are secured where the implants are placed. There is no need for screwing for this kind of bridge.

Removable Partial Dentures

If you are searching for a simple and faster way to replace missing teeth, then removable dentures are what you want. The gaps caused by two or three teeth can be replaced by partial dentures. In case there are any false teeth, they are corrected to their right positions by the partial dentures. Hence, permanent dentures are unnecessary.

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