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Treatments For Under bites

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Florida Smiles Dental
Treatments For Under bitesOrthodontic devices can shape the growth of the jawbones and aid in positioning them correctly if used during a specific stage of development. Suppose children do not get the appropriate orthodontic therapy while growing. In that case, the underbite will become more and more evident up to the point at which they reach their maximum height (between 16 and 18 years old). 
After that point, no orthodontic therapy can be used to stop the issues of an underbite. Adult patients have two therapy choices available to them. To choose between them, they need to consider a variety of aspects. The only thing that can be changed by orthodontic therapy is the location of the teeth. Due to this, it does not impact the jawbones, patients who select braces need to be aware that there will be a slight change in the look of their faces.

Surgery Can Fix Under bites

In some instances, overbites are primarily connected to the teeth. Thus the end outcomes with braces are suitable. However, when the jawbones are implicated, the only option for improving function and face cosmetics is to undergo surgery. The medical term for surgery performed on the jawbone is orthognathic. Due to this surgical process including both conventional orthodontic therapy and a significant operation, the treatment plan has to be developed by both an orthodontist and an orthognathic surgeon. 
Patients with a substantial underbite often benefit significantly from jawbone surgery since this skeletal modification may lead to functional concerns and obvious cosmetic impairment. Patients with a deep underbite often struggle with eating, speaking, and even breathing since the location of the jawbone is intricately tied to the permeability of the upper airway.

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