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How Long Do I Have To Wear A Nightguard?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Florida Smiles Dental
How Long Do I Have To Wear A Nightguard?People wear nightguards to protect their oral health against the destructive forces of grinding and clenching, also referred to as bruxism. When you are getting your first nightguard, you may wonder how long you will have to be on this important oral appliance.

Only a dentist can tell when for sure, you will have to stop wearing the mouthguard. Otherwise, you have to continue wearing it if your bruxism is still active.

Only a Dentist Can tell When to Stop Wearing a Nightguard

Since signs of bruxism are subtle, it is essential you ask the dentist to check your teeth and look at your nightguard to determine if you still have a bruxism problem. You cannot just decide that you won't wear the nightguards anymore.

If the dentist does not catch any active teeth grinding or clenching, they may tell you to stop putting the nightguard on. But that is not all, you still will have to check on other things that contribute to grinding and clenching.

Anxiety and stress are very strong factors that trigger bruxism. Even if a dentist doesn't confirm active grinding, but you have a stressful life, then you may be advised to continue putting on your oral appliance.

Impact of Bruxism on Oral Health

Grinding and clenching often contribute to jaw pain, toothaches, severe headaches, and earaches. Additionally, bruxism can harm your teeth, making them crack, wear, and break. The habit could set the stage for things like cavity formation.

Besides, bruxism may cause exposed dentin. During the time you are grinding the teeth together, it comprises the enamel. Also, you know the tooth enamel acts as a protective coat for the tooth. Once the dentin becomes exposed, you have sensitive tissues and nerves unprotected.

To get a mouthguard that you use to avert damage to teeth and other consequences of teeth grinding and clenching, you can visit us. Our dentist will craft a custom nightguard that only works for your mouth and teeth.

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