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Protect Your Gums by Avoiding These Foods

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Florida Smiles Dental
Protect Your Gums by Avoiding These FoodsThe type of food you consume has a significant impact on the health of your oral cavity, your gums, and your teeth. A famous saying is that you are what you eat, and this is especially true when it comes to your teeth and gums. There is a 45-53% prevalence of dental caries in the United States.

Sugary and Starchy Foods

Everything sweet, including candies, pies, pastries, sticky candies, and chocolates, should be avoided. Cough drops, lollipops, and caramels, which stick to your teeth, should be avoided. It is common for starchy foods such as potato chips and soft bread to get caught between your teeth.

Aerated Drinks

Sugar is a common component of aerated and carbonated drinks. Sugar damages your gum health by clinging to your teeth and promoting the growth of bacteria. There is also phosphoric acid and citric acid present in these drinks. Your tooth enamel and gums are weakened by these substances.

Foods That Make Your Mouth Dry

There are certain foods and beverages that cause your mouth to dry out and result in poor gum health. Certain medicines and alcohol tend to dry out your mouth. The use of a fluoride rinse or a fluoride gel may be required to maintain optimal gum health.

Supporting Good Gum Health

It is recommended that you consume desserts and sugary foods with your meals. The saliva produced by the mouth increases when you consume your regular meal. It will reduce the effects of acids produced by sugar and allow you to rinse your mouth more effectively after eating. In between meals, you should avoid snacking. When you snack between meals, you may damage your gums. If you are hungry or craving a snack, it is recommended that you choose a nutritious meal. Ensure that you chew your food thoroughly to increase your saliva production and remove the food and acid from your mouth. Consume a large amount of water to remain hydrated. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day. 

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