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What Are Digital Impressions?

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Florida Smiles Dental
What Are Digital Impressions?Dental professionals may now construct a computer-generated, virtual reproduction of the soft and hard tissues in the mouth using cutting-edge technology called digital impressions. To carry out this duty, optical scanning equipment, such as a laser, is needed. It takes only a few minutes to capture the impression data. Based on this knowledge, restorations are then built using a PC. The patient's mouth is then fitted with the restorations. Traditional impressions and digital impressions are both employed in the dentistry industry. Digital impressions have only been around for a short while compared to conventional impressions.

Traditional Impressions

Traditional dental impressions are undoubtedly uncomfortable for patients. Although there are no needles used in this procedure, a clamp is utilized to hold the patient's teeth in place for long periods of time. The patient can unwind and close their lips when the imprint material has been properly placed. Patients who have a persistent TMJ condition or a natural gag reflex may not be candidates for this therapy. Additionally, patients may throw up if the putty becomes unbearable in addition to gagging. The wait time might also cause a patient to vomit, even though the putty is not strongly preferred. By using the goopy material, the patient can obtain an impression of veneers, bridges, and crowns.

Digital Impressions

Nowadays, digital impressions are preferred by both dental professionals and patients. You may completely get rid of the gooey imprint substance by using a digital impression. The patient's comfort and ease during treatment are advantageous to both the dentist and the patient. Patients can more effectively rebuild their smiles with the use of digital impressions. Unquestionably, a digital imprint is more precise, effective, and productive than a traditional impression. Patients have much shorter chair times, better-quality restorations, more pleasant impressions, and a lower margin for mistakes when using digital impressions. Do not wait until a dental issue or condition worsens if you are experiencing one. In addition to being more expensive, it can also lead to unnecessary physical discomfort.

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