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I Have Received Temporary Crowns, So What Is The Aftercare?

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Florida Smiles Dental
I Have Received Temporary Crowns, So What Is The Aftercare?A temporary crown, as the name suggests, serves you for a short while. Dentists fit temporary crowns when your natural teeth require the placement of traditional permanent crowns. Since a permanent crown will require more time to fabricate, usually a week or two, a dentist will have to put a provisional crown in place while the permanent crown is getting fabricated.

Aftercare Tips for Temporary Crowns

Something about temporary crowns is that they are pretty fragile and not meant to last long. Unlike permanent crowns, provisional crowns can break if subjected to stress while eating, for instance, when consuming hard or sticky foods like chips, candy, and nuts. You, therefore, should avoid chewing these foods if you have provisional crowns.

Should the temporary crowns come off, make sure you rinse them off and place them back on. In the event that the crowns cannot stay in place, contact our dental office. You may have sensitivity if your provisional crowns come off.

The anesthetic you receive could affect your bite. Once it wears off, you may have some sensitivity, but it is expected. If you find yourself hitting the tooth harder or first than other teeth while biting down, you should get to our clinic for an adjustment. There may be pain and sensitivity arising from a high bite.

Most importantly, you can brush normally around the provisional crown, however, while flossing, ensure you pull or move the floss straight down then pull it out. Avoid pulling the floss back up the way you do normally since it can push the provisional crown off the tooth.

How Long Do Temporary Crowns Last?

A provisional crown can last roughly 3 to 4 weeks. It works to protect the tooth needing a permanent crown and keep the space needed for the perfect placement of the permanent crown. As such, a temporary crown should remain intact and right on the tooth until the dentist removes it when fitting the final crown. Contact us to find out about temporary crowns.

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