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What are Craniofacial Implants?

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Florida Smiles Dental
What are Craniofacial Implants?Lack of confidence is a common result of facial, oral, and cranial deformities. Facial reconstruction surgery is an option for those with craniofacial defects. However, there are times when craniofacial implants are the best option for individuals whose facial characteristics were damaged in an accident, burn, or other medical procedure.

Many people with congenital deformities, such as a cleft palate or lip, require craniofacial surgery. Craniofacial surgeons also treat craniofacial clefts, micrognathia, Treacher-Collins Syndrome, Apert Syndrome, and Crouzon Syndrome, as well as acute and chronic sequelae of facial fractures.

Craniofacial implants are an option for patients with craniofacial deformities to enhance their appearance and function. Prostheses can be kept in position over the day with the help of craniofacial implants.

Craniofacial implants are anchored to the bone, as opposed to the glue and adhesives that were once employed to secure a prosthesis. The patient's face or skull might be repaired with a surgical procedure called craniofacial implant surgery.

Procedures Involved in a Craniofacial Implant?

After the wound has healed, the first step in craniomaxillofacial implant surgery is for the surgeon's team to take an impression of the injured area.

The titanium implants are secured to the jawbone with either magnet, retentive buttons, or titanium fixtures/screws through an osseointegration technique. The patient can rest assured that the prosthesis will stay put using this procedure.

After the titanium implants have integrated with the bone, an oral surgeon will insert abutments through the gums. After this has healed, a thin bar connects the abutments and is secured using clips or magnets. Patients may feel better about themselves in everyday life after receiving craniofacial implants.

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