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Healthy foods for strong teething children

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Florida Smiles Dental
Healthy foods for strong teething childrenTeething can be a process not so comfortable for your baby. During the teething process, your child may experience symptoms like drooling, irritability, and wanting to bite on anything they come across. The need for oral care at this time will help your child transit well by helping them in soothing their gums. Our dentists recommend that you feed the child with strong and healthy foods.

No sugars

Most of the food that we intake has sugars, sugar is not good for our teeth. When bacteria in the mouth combine with these sugars it causes decay of the teeth and can also lead to gum disease. It is good to wipe the gums of a teething child after consuming some foods like teething biscuits. The teething biscuits provide a way of pushing the stuck teeth in the gums out. The biscuits have sugars that can damage the gums and the teeth coming out. It is vital that after consuming the biscuits you wipe the gum with a wet cloth.

No acidic foods

Acid is not good for the teeth; it causes erosion of the teeth enamel which protects the dentin. Acidic foods like sports drinks, soft beverages like soda cause harm to the gum of a teething child. During meals eat foods that have citric acids like lemon and oranges. You cannot avoid some acidic fruits for they are nutritious make sure that when you are taking breakfast, lunch or dinner you take along with these acidic fruits. Our dentists will guide you on healthy foods for a teething child, what to consume and what to avoid. Visit us and the teething process for your child will be smooth for you and your child.

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