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Causes of Tooth Decay

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Florida Smiles Dental
Causes of Tooth DecayTooth decay, also known as cavities, refers to the gradual erosion of the tooth enamel. It is caused by several factors, including neglecting oral hygiene and consuming sugary snacks and drinks. This occurs in a process initiated by the formation of plaque. Plaque forms on the tooth's surface, forming a shield for bacteria to attack the enamel. This happens gradually, eventually leading to a hole in the enamel. When this barrier is broken, acid erodes the dentin and can reach the innermost part of the tooth. If tooth decay is not treated, it gradually worsens, affecting the innermost part of the tooth leading to tooth sensitivity, toothache, and tooth loss. Regular dental check-ups are advisable as cavities can be detected early and treated.

Certain diet

Some foods and drinks remain in the mouth for a long time. This offers bacteria more time to digest these foods to acids, leading to tooth decay. Some of these foods include bread, milk, honey, sweets, gum, and dried fruits. Acidic foods and drinks also make the mouth more acidic, therefore increasing the chances of tooth decay. These include sodas, lemonades, and citrus fruits.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice daily. In circumstances where one has consumed sugary snacks, it is advisable to brush your teeth right after. Neglect of oral hygiene makes the mouth a playground for bacteria, increasing the build-up of plaque and bacteria. Brushing your teeth is not enough; ensuring to brush on and between your teeth is recommended since plaque also forms between your teeth. Adding flossing to your routine is also important. The toothpaste you use should have fluoride since fluoride strengthens teeth.

Dry Mouth

When there is little to no saliva in your mouth, the risk of getting tooth decay increases. This is because saliva washes down food particles. It also contains properties that neutralize the acid in the mouth and repair the first signs of a cavity. There are several reasons why saliva would be inadequate, including some types of medicines and dehydration.

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