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Summer Snacks

Posted on 8/20/2020 by Florida Smiles Dental
Child With ApplesSummer treats may have you thinking of carnival cotton candy and elephant ears, but our Weston FL dentist has some 5-star summer snack recommendations that are perfect for fun in the sun without the loads of sugar that can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Check out these summer snacks below to bring out your healthiest smile!

Cheese and Fruits

Loaded with calcium and protein, cheese is a super snack with nutrients that will strengthen your tooth enamel and protect you from cavities! Studies have also shown that eating cheese raises the pH levels in your mouth to mitigate tooth decay. Pair cheese cubes with an assortment of fruit for a light, enamel-supporting summer snack.

Yogurt Dips

Similar to cheese, yogurt (especially low-sugar yogurt) has a lot of calcium and protein. It also has probiotics, which help with digestion and work to overpower the “bad” bacteria in your mouth with “good” bacteria. Our Weston dentist suggests trying these different varieties of yogurt dips to liven up summer produce!


Nuts are an easy summertime snack for a grab-and-go adventure. Headed on a hike? Make yourself a simple trail mix with almonds, cashews, and peanuts before you hit the trail, or try the above recipe for more fun flavors! Nuts are great for your teeth, because they contain large amounts of fiber, folic acid, calcium, and other vitamins.


Typically, in the context of oral health, our dentist in Weston FL would recommend straying away from sugary foods, but fruits are often an exception. Apples, for instance, almost act as a cleaning agent for your teeth, since the fiber and water making up the apple will clear away bacteria as you chew. While eating apple slices is no substitute for brushing and flossing, pairing apples with a yogurt dip from above is both yummy and good for your teeth!

Carrots and Celery

Like apples, our Weston dentist explains the fiber and water in carrots and celery also function as great “sweepers” in the mouth. As a bonus, both of these vegetables are chalk full of vitamins, and they are easy to pair with simple summer snacks and dips!

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