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All on 4
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Diagram of All on 4 Treatment ConceptNobody wants dentures if they can help it. But what about when there is a need to replace all of the upper or lower teeth? While dental implants are the undisputed best choice for replacing teeth, getting individual implants for all of those teeth would be prohibitively time-consuming and costly. That is why Florida Smiles Dental offers the groundbreaking All on 4 treatment concept.

All on 4 Treatment Concept Fast Facts

The All on 4 treatment is made possible thanks to dental implants, a technology that replicates the advantages of natural teeth in a way that no other replacement option can. Your natural teeth are doing a lot more work than you can see, including stimulating your jaw to maintain healthy bone density. When teeth are lost, that bone begins to immediately decay. Implants, though, can function just like the root of a natural tooth, thereby ensuring healthy bones.

All on 4 takes advantage of implant technology to provide patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth with a replacement that will benefit their complete oral health. Rather than individual implants for each tooth, though, All on 4 is exactly what it sounds like - an entire arch on just four implants. This means less surgery for you while still enjoying all the advantages of implants.

Benefits of the All on 4 Treatment Concept

The All on 4 treatment is great for patients that have lost multiple teeth to gum disease. Along with losing teeth, gum disease also leaches away bone strength. Implants solve both these problems, replacing the teeth and keeping the jawbone sturdy. In fact, implants are the only prosthetic teeth that can do this. Not only do dentures not promote good bone health, they can actually take a toll on the rest of your mouth. Constantly sitting atop the bare gums wears them down. Plus, implants are far more comfortable than dentures because they are anchored to bone. Never again worry about your dentures slipping and clicking at the most inopportune time.

Are You a Viable Candidate?

Unlike other replacement teeth options, dental implants are not always available to all patients. Often, this means patients with active cases of gum disease, as the bacteria can cause risky complications. The good news is that gum disease can be cleaned up with treatments that are more effective than ever. Even bone can be regrown, for patients that have loss density and volume in their jaws.

Undergoing the All on 4 Treatment Concept

Because there are just four implants necessary, All on 4 can typically be placed in just one visit to our office. It will take longer to manufacture your custom replacement teeth, which is a painstaking process as each set is completely unique, designed for your mouth alone. While we work on crafting your new teeth, the implants will become a part of your body by fusing to your jaw. When both are complete, you can return for the final fitting.

Is the All on 4 Treatment Concept Right for You?

If you are ready to start learning about how All on 4 can give you back all of your teeth, then call 754-354-0363 today to make your appointment at Florida Smiles Dental.

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All on 4 provides patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth with a replacement that will benefit their complete oral health. Call Florida Smiles Dental today!
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