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Benefits of Dental Implants

Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implantThere are so many benefits to having dental implants that we had to write an entire article about them. Here are the benefits our patients at Florida Smiles Dental are raving about the most.

Easy to Qualify

To get dental implants, there are only a couple things that you need: good oral health and strong bones. Of course, many of the people who need dental implants the most need them because they are or were suffering from gum disease. We have found, though, that many of the disqualifying conditions can easily be cured thanks to advanced treatments for oral bacteria and bone resorption.


Dental implants are very, very strong. In fact, they just may outlast the rest of your teeth! Alternatives can wear down fast, sometimes in as little as five years. Implants, though, are designed to be tougher than that. Even better, with implants you can get back the ability to eat all those foods you thought that you would ever be able to have again. Because they are placed in the jaw, they provide chewing power and feedback that other options cannot hope to match.

Promote Long-Term Health

While dentures and similar options are great at returning a degree of function to your mouth, the frustrating reality is that sometimes they can do more harm than good. Dentures must use your gums and jawbone to support themselves, which can cause some serious wear-and-tear after years of use. Dental bridges can actually require the healthy teeth on either side to be ground down. Not only do implants not require either of these things, they are actually the one and only option that will keep your jawbone growing just like it would with natural teeth.


As great as it is that implants are great for your health, one of the things that thrills many of our patients the most is the fact that implants are practically invisible in your mouth. We painstakingly sculpt each individual replacement as if it is a piece of art, so that it resembles the rest of your teeth and nobody else’s. Depending on the material chosen, we can even mimic the exact way that light is reflected off natural teeth for the perfect pearly hue.


Chances are if you have heard of dental implants then you have heard that they can be pricey, especially compared to options like dentures. And the truth is that implants are more expensive… But only up-front. Because we build our implants to outlast the rest of your teeth, they will never wear out or need to be replaced. Because implants nurture the jawbone, you will never need a bone graft or other costly and time-consuming procedures. And because implants are cared for like any other tooth with nothing more than your toothbrush and toothpaste, you will never have to buy special cleaning gear.

Still Not Enough?

If these benefits are not enough to convince you that implants are the state-of-the-art when it comes to replacing teeth lost to gum disease or other factors, then call 754-354-0363. We can schedule an appointment at Florida Smiles Dental for you to talk with one of our specialists and learn about all the rest of the fantastic benefits of implants.

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