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Gingival Contouring
Dentist Fort Lauderdale

Image of a smiling woman after her gum lift surgery at Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale.When people think of periodontists they probably think of periodontal disease and sensitive gums and bacteria and other not-so-fun things - but we do a lot more than just that! In fact, one of the things that our periodontists here at Florida Smiles Dental excel at is beautifying gums to improve your whole smile. This is what is known as gingival contouring.

Understanding Gingival Contouring

When you think of your smile you are probably thinking about your teeth. How white they are, how even they are, their size and shape, and so on. But next time you have a chance, look in the mirror and pay attention to how your gums frame your teeth. We often fail to realize just how big a difference our gums can make to our teeth. Receding gums, such as those caused by gum disease, can make our teeth look overly large and even crooked. Gums that cover up too much of the teeth can make the teeth seem oddly small. Gingival contouring is a method of either adding or subtracting soft tissue for an instantaneous boost to your smile.

Can Gingival Contouring Help You?

Gingival contouring can help anyone that feels their gums are detracting from the aesthetic appeal of their smile, regardless of whether your gums are too long or too short. The cosmetic benefits are not the only advantage of gingival contouring, though. While this operation cannot be performed on a mouth with active gum disease or other infections, it can provide health benefits for patients who have recovered from gum disease but still have the receding gums that are often left behind. Adding tissue does not just improve the appearance of your teeth, it can also lower the risk of tooth decay, eliminate bacteria-filled pockets, and help ensure that the teeth are firmly attached to the gums. We may perform gingival contouring as part of an overall gum disease treatment, as the procedure often accompanies pocket reduction surgery. In these cases, gingival contouring can be considered restorative, and may therefore be covered by dental insurance.

What Is Gingival Contouring Like?

A gingival contouring procedure will depend on the extent to which your gums need to be reshaped and the method with which we will affect the change. As a general guideline, though, gingival contouring is a single appointment that will take around sixty minutes. We may use a medical blade or a diode laser. With a scalpel there will be a mild degree of discomfort numbed by local anesthetic and stitches will be necessary. No anesthetic is usually required with a laser and there is no need for stitches as there will be no bleeding. Either way, the recovery period following gingival contouring is fast.

Do You Need Gingival Contouring?

If you think you may have a smile that is too “gummy,” or if you would like to repair the damage caused by gum disease, then gingival contouring is an easy but powerful way to make a rapid change that you can see immediately. To discuss your options with one of our periodontists and see just how dramatically your smile can be improved, call 754-354-0363 for Florida Smiles Dental today.

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Gingival Contouring • Dentist Fort Lauderdale • Florida Smiles Dental
At Florida Smiles Dental, we excel at beautifying gums to improve your whole smile. This is what is known as gingival contouring. Learn more here!
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