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Implant Supported Dentures

Elderly woman enjoying her new smileWhat if there was a way that you could combine everything that you love about dentures with the sturdy reliability of dental implants? Now you can, thanks to the implant supported dentures offered by Florida Smiles Dental.

A Quick Rundown on Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures truly are a unique blend of two different dental technologies, so let us start with a quick explanation of dentures since you likely already know the basics. Dentures are a full-arch dental appliance for patients missing all of their upper teeth or lower teeth. Normally, dentures are supported by your gums and jawbone, which can cause long-term damage. As well, this means that dentures are prone to movement, especially as they get older and the seal that they are supposed to form atop your gums starts to become imperfect.

Implant supported dentures solve these problems because, like the name suggests, they are supported not by the gums, but by threaded metal posts known as dental implants. These posts are placed inside the jaw itself. Eventually, they will become just another part of your body. Dental implants usually are used to replace just one tooth, but as the technology has evolved it has become possible to use just a handful of implants to support a full arch, making implant supported dentures a viable solution. The dentures attach to the implanted posts rather than sitting on your gums, making them extremely stable.

The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

Besides the benefit of having a full row of teeth once again, there are a number of advantages to using implants, rather than gums, for your dentures. We already mentioned superior stability, so that your dentures will never wiggle or become loose, but implants can actually promote better long-term bone health. While conventional dentures will cause the bone beneath to decay, implants do the exact opposite - because they are in the jawbone, they are constantly stimulating that bone to keep growing.

What Is Getting Implant Supported Dentures Like?

Unlike conventional dentures, getting the implant supported version is a bit more of an involved process, though we think the benefits are certainly worth it. Many patients who can benefit most from implant supported dentures first need a bone graft to enable safe placement of the implants, which can take several months to fully heal. Once the implants are placed, which often takes as little as a single sitting, it will also take several months for them to completely integrate into your body. While this happens you will receive temporary dentures, and we will get to work crafting the permanent, custom-fitted dentures that will attach to your implants once they are fused.

Dentures You Can Smile With

Implant supported dentures are so similar to natural teeth, and so sturdy and reliable, that nobody will ever be able to tell that you are wearing dentures. To upgrade your dentures, or simply chat with one of our specialists here at Florida Smiles Dental about how implant supported dentures may be able to help you, call 754-354-0363 now.

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