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Porcelain Crowns
Dentist Fort Lauderdale

Rendering of jaw with dental crown Individuals who have experienced tooth decay or have teeth that are damaged due to injury might require a dental crown to safeguard and restore their affected teeth. Florida Smiles Dental offers porcelain crowns that are crafted to return your teeth to their original, natural look. Unlike metal crowns, which prioritize durability, porcelain crowns emphasize aesthetic advantages. They are created to mimic your natural teeth, making them especially crucial for front teeth restorations.

Porcelain crowns are an ideal cosmetic dentistry solution for several conditions. Consider a porcelain crown if you have recently experienced a tooth injury, need an anchor for a dental bridge, wish to reshape a crooked tooth for a better smile, require replacement for a loose or fallen-out large filling, or need to protect a tooth post-root canal procedure.

Porcelain Crown Treatment Process

Typically, the porcelain crown procedure requires two appointments. During the first visit, the focus is on preparing your tooth for the porcelain crown. This includes identifying and removing any weakened areas of the tooth and taking impressions to create a temporary crown. Your second visit involves removing the temporary crown and fitting your new, custom-made crown.

Porcelain Crowns vs. Metal Crowns

Different kinds of dental crowns are made from different materials like porcelain, metal mixtures, or a mix of both. All the common types of crowns are for cosmetic dentistry procedures. In the past, strong metals like gold or silver were used for crowns, but nowadays, porcelain crowns are becoming more common. These can be all ceramic or have a metal base with a porcelain layer on top.

People like porcelain crowns because they look just like natural teeth, making them visually appealing. Porcelain closely matches tooth color and can be used for large fillings. Their shape and translucency also help them blend in well with nearby teeth. Further, porcelain crowns are tough, resistant, and do not cause allergic reactions in the teeth and gums. Compared to other types like zirconia crowns, porcelain crowns remove very little enamel, preserving more of the tooth structure.

There are a few downsides, such as needing a precise fit and the possibility of minor chipping or fractures over time. However, the advantages of having aesthetically pleasing porcelain crowns usually outweigh these concerns.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

The porcelain crown dental technology has immensely improved cosmetic dentistry. The crowns are not only natural and beautiful but also durable. Although porcelain crowns may seem a bit costly compared to other types, they are worth it. Some of their standout benefits include:

They Retain Your Natural Beauty

Porcelain crowns are well-known for their ability to closely mimic natural teeth. Their color, texture, and translucency imitate those of natural teeth, making them almost impossible to tell apart. This means that when you smile or speak, your porcelain crown seamlessly blends in with the rest of your teeth, providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing look.

Porcelain Crowns Are Long-Lasting

Porcelain crowns are extremely durable and can endure the daily chewing and biting stresses. With proper care, they can last for many years, offering extended protection and functionality.

Made From Non-Allergic Material

Porcelain is a biocompatible material, meaning it is well-received by the body. This lowers the chances of allergic reactions or negative responses in the gums or nearby tissues. It is a safe and trustworthy choice for dental restorations.

Preservation of Tooth Integrity

Minimal enamel removal is needed with porcelain crowns when preparing a tooth. This means that more of the natural tooth structure is preserved compared to other crown materials. Maintaining as much of the natural tooth as possible is advantageous for the long-term health and strength of the tooth.

Porcelain Is Stain Resistant

Porcelain is highly resistant to stains and discoloration. This ensures that your porcelain crown will keep its natural appearance over time, even when exposed to foods, drinks, and other substances that can cause staining. This benefit guarantees that your smile remains radiant and attractive for many years.

Porcelain Crowns Vs. Implants

Choosing between a dental implant and a crown depends on the specific condition of your tooth and the advice provided by your dentist. A dental implant is a synthetic root, functioning similarly to a natural tooth root. It is placed into the bone and acts as a stable foundation for a dental crown. This combination of implant and crown mimics the function and appearance of a natural tooth, providing a long-lasting and secure solution. On the other hand, a crown can replace a portion of a damaged tooth but cannot substitute for an entire tooth without the support of an implant. If the tooth is severely damaged or missing, an implant might be the recommended option to restore both function and aesthetics.

Are Same Day Porcelain Crowns Possible?

Same-day dental crowns have become increasingly popular, with many dentists employing CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology to fabricate crowns right in their offices while you wait. Florida Smiles Dental uses this dental technology to enable your dentist to create digital impressions of your teeth in real time. Once the design is complete, the image files are sent to an on-site milling machine. This machine then carves your new crown out of a solid block of ceramic. The primary advantage of CAD/CAM technology is the ability to receive a dental crown in a single office visit. However, it is important to note that same-day crowns may not be suitable for everyone.

Porcelain Crowns FAQs

Does Dental Insurance Cover Porcelain Crowns?

Coverage for porcelain crown treatment varies depending on your dental insurance plan. Each plan has its coverage details.

How Much Do Porcelain Crowns Cost?

The cost of porcelain crowns is determined by the specific requirements of each individual. Factors such as the size, shape, and number of crowns needed are considered. The extent of damage to the tooth also plays a role in the pricing.

Are Porcelain Crowns Painful?

Porcelain crowns typically involve minimal discomfort. The process involves numbing the area with local anesthesia, ensuring you do not feel pain during the procedure. Some patients might experience mild sensitivity or soreness after the crown is placed, which usually subsides within a few days.

Porcelain crowns offer one of the best cosmetic dentistry solutions for those with teeth injuries. You may even choose to crown your teeth if you just want to have a new look. The beauty of porcelain crowns is that they blend naturally with your teeth, and an experienced dentist will help you obtain the desired results. Contact our experts at Florida Smiles Dental via phone at 754-354-0363 to request more information. Our dentists will prescribe the best treatment after examination.

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