Weston Fl Dentist Offers Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Healthy Teeth


Weston Fl Dentist Offers Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Healthy TeethAfter you’ve braved the shopping masses and hung the stockings with care this holiday season, our Weston, FL, dentist recommends stuffing them with products that won’t ruin your family’s oral health. Oftentimes, children look more forward to what’s in their stocking than what’s under the tree, so why not skip the candy and give them something healthy? If you’re looking for last-minute stocking stuffers, then our Weston dentist has a few ideas for you this Christmas.

Give the Gift of Healthy Teeth – Products Our Weston, FL, Dentist Loves

A New Toothbrush

With no shortage of available options, a new toothbrush is a fun and easy stocking stuffer. You can get one in your child’s favorite color or cartoon character, plus many are equipped with timers that help encourage thorough brushing. Our Weston dentist recommends looking for the ADA label when shopping, so you can make sure it’s up to the latest standards. Also, make sure to choose a toothbrush that’s the correct size for your child to ensure proper use.

Flavored Toothpaste & Dental Floss

Since brushing and flossing daily is essential to maintaining your oral health, why not make it fun for kids? Our Weston, FL, dentist suggests taking a break from the standard mint toothpaste by giving them a flavor they love, like bubble gum or strawberry. Dental floss also comes in multiple flavors, plus you can get animal-shaped floss picks to help encourage a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Healthy Snacks

If you want to go with snacks as a stocking stuffer, then our dentist in Weston, FL, suggests choosing foods that will help your family maintain their oral health. Instead of chocolates and caramels, opt for healthier treats, like mixed nuts or granola. Sugar-free gum, mints, and hard candies pack a sweet punch without all the sugar that’s bad for your teeth. You could also throw in an apple, which is commonly called “nature’s toothbrush” because the flesh and skin are the perfect texture for teeth cleaning.

Need More Ideas? – See Our Weston, FL, Dentist

These are just a few stocking stuffer ideas that can help keep your family’s oral health on track this holiday season. Contact our Weston dentist for more ideas or if you have any questions about your oral hygiene. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best care available – we’re here for you!

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other dentistry-related topics, feel free to contact Florida Smiles Dental, with a convenient dental office near Weston, FL, by clicking here or by calling 954.906.7891.



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