Invisalign in Lighthouse Point, FL, Expert Tackles the Issue of Chewing Ice

Relaxing with a cool beverage on a hot day can be incredibly refreshing. The small, melty ice cubes clinking around at the bottom of your glass quickly cool you down and quench your thirst. Chewing the ice that’s keeping your beverage cool is even better, right? If you wear braces, then you probably already know […]

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lighthouse Point Shares Oral Hygiene Tips

At Florida Smiles Dental, we help patients brighten their smiles with cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding. Our expert cosmetic dentists in Lighthouse Point agree, however, that good oral hygiene basics like brushing and flossing twice each day is key to achieving your happiest, healthiest smile. Flossing especially helps remove plaque and tartar […]

Best Dentist in Lighthouse Point, FL, Explains Toothbrush Replacement

Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is necessary to keep your smile happy and healthy. The best dentist in Lighthouse Point, FL, recommends brushing and flossing twice each day, as well as using mouthwash to remove harmful bacteria that’s always accumulating on your teeth. Of course, a trip to your dentist for an exam and […]

Beyond a Perfect Smile: Why You Should Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Lighthouse Point

Have you ever heard the expression “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile?” This is quite true, and for many reasons beyond pure aesthetics.  Of course, for some people, their smile is one of their greatest physical assets. Surely, you have heard someone opine about the friend who “has the prettiest smile.”  Unfortunately, […]

Cosmetic Dentist in Lighthouse Point Focuses on the Benefits of Keeping Your Teeth Healthy for a Lifetime

Some people associate the term “cosmetic dentistry” with vanity and high expense, instead of realizing that the deterioration of healthy looking teeth can be a symptom of a more serious oral health issue. Discolored, misaligned, discolored teeth are not necessarily signs of aging or simply a reason not to smile in public. In addition to […]

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