Ft Lauderdale FL Dentist Explains How to Floss with Braces

Flossing can be a tedious task, let alone with braces to navigate. However, our Ft Lauderdale FL dentist guarantees flossing with braces is well worth the time, as flossing regularly will decrease your risk of gum disease, cavities, and white spots upon removal. It may take some patience and require learning a few new tricks, […]

Dania Beach FL Dentist Explains How to Properly Store Your Toothbrush

Our Dania Beach FL dentist thinks that it is fair to say your toothbrush is the superhero of your oral hygiene! Your toothbrush allows you to brush twice a day and gently scrub away food particles, plaque, and bacteria. By scrubbing effectively, your toothbrush helps ensure you a lifetime of healthy smiles. Considering how important […]

Lighthouse Point FL Dentist Gives Soothing Tips for Your Teething Baby

The first of your child’s baby teeth can be expected around 6 months of age. Our Lighthouse Point FL dentist understands that it is hard for many parents to watch their baby in pain or discomfort as their first teeth begin to erupt. However, there are a few simple tricks that can help to ease […]

Fort Lauderdale FL Dentist Answers How to Heal Your Burned Tongue

Have you ever sipped piping hot coffee too quickly? Or maybe bitten into a still sizzling slice of pizza with reckless abandon? Our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist has too and knows the positive sensations are quickly blunted by a burned tongue. Read below for a few quick tips that will help you to soothe your […]

Ft Lauderdale FL Dentist Answers: Is There a Gender Gap in Oral Health?

Our Ft Lauderdale FL dentist knows that proper oral hygiene is important for both genders. A clean, bright smile is achievable for men and women alike; however, it is also the case that susceptibility to some oral conditions may be increased by gender and daily hygiene habits. Our Ft Lauderdale FL Dentist Says Habits Reveal […]

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